Through financial support from World-Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-K), KCCWG is in the third year of implementing the Africa adaptation initiative project which aims at enhancing the role of civil society organizations to effectively champion climate change adaptation efforts in Kenya. As such, the network has prioritized the facilitation of a virtual meeting that seeks to bring together members to review the draft CSO engagement framework following requests by the Climate Change Directorate to provide input. The framework once adopted will allow for effective coordination between the Government and Civil Society Organizations towards smooth implementation of the National Climate Change Action Plans in Kenya.
Owing to above, we hereby invite you to this virtual meeting scheduled to take place on Monday 21st September 2020, 9:00am-11:00am (through ZOOM platform). We have attached a tentative programme for the event and the draft framework. Kindly confirm your participation by Friday 18th September 3:00pm. Zoom login details will be shared later.

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