CSOs Integration Intent Form

Section A

The Government of Kenya has received funds from the World Bank towards the Financing Locally-Led Climate Action (FLLoCA) Program and intends to apply part of the proceeds for payments under the contract for mapping out Civil Society Organizations involved in climate change adaptation and mitigation activities at county and sub-county levels in all counties in Kenya. The program development objective is to deliver locally-led climate resilience actions and strengthen county and national governments' capacity to manage climate risks. The program will focus on capitalizing the National and County Climate Change Funds; building county level capacity for planning, budgeting, reporting and implementation of local climate actions in partnership with communities; and strengthening of national level capacity for coordination, monitoring and reporting. The program will be implemented by the National Government in collaboration with County Governments.

The Financing Locally-Led Climate Action (FLLoCA) Program

The program is to be implemented as a hybrid Program, with an investment project financing (IPF) component for the activities at or funded by the national level agencies and a performance-for-results (PforR) component that represents 90% of the FLLoCA budget. The IPF component provides an opportunity to strengthen the national government's capacity to support County Governments' actions, enhance the collaboration between national entities on climate change, and facilitate national oversight of the Program

Profile of Kenya Climate Change Working Group

Kenya Climate Change Working Group (KCCWG) is a leading national membership network of civil society organizations uniting voices and actions on climate change and nexus issues with the aim of creating synergies in response to the impacts and the underlying issues. The establishment of the network in 2009 was a deliberate decision by CSOs through support from development partners in Kenya to enhance climate change advocacy agenda at county, national, and global levels. The network is comprised of over 450 entities working on climate change and nexus issues drawn from different sectors including energy, water, agriculture and health. KCCWG's mandate is to empower, coordinate, and represent CSOs' in collaborative advocacy action (s) on climate change matters in Kenya and beyond and to influence legal and regulatory frameworks at all levels toward asserting a climate-resilient development pathway. KCCWG is part of the Inter-Agency Technical Team under FLLoCA Programme championing civil society engagements that include awareness creation regarding the programming and capacity building.

Objective of the map out exercise

To map out civil society member-based organizations as well as individual CSOs working on climate change adaptation and mitigation activities at County and Sub-County levels across all the 47 counties potential for collaboration towards achievement of FLLoCA project objective.

Section B

Youth (18-35 years) Elderly (above 60 years) Women Disabled Other
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