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1. READVERTISEMENT - RECRUITMENT OF THE ACCESS COALITION REGIONAL COORDINATING ORGANIZATION (RCO) FOR SOUTHERN AFRICA REGION 2nd February 2021 The project aims to build the capacity of members of ACCESS in the Southern Region to advocate for energy access. It will support the coordinating organization in carrying out informed advocacy, and in engagement with policy and decision-makers and other relevant stakeholders like civil society organizations, development finance institutions and the private sector. Through this project to be undertaken in Zambia and the wider southern Africa region, we shall accelerate delivery of SDG7 (ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all by 2030). Read More
2. Consultancy to develop a Communication and Visibility Strategy for KCCWG 22nd December 2020 With the support of USAID, KCCWG is seeking the services of a consultant to develop, in close consultation with KCCWG, 5 year communication and visibility strategy, and its implementation and management plan with a more detailed focus on the next 2 years. The overall objective of this communication strategy is to raise awareness on KCCWGs interventions for impact, increase her visibility and promote effective engagement with stakeholders, in order to have a greater impact on climate change related policy making at all levels. Read More
3. Consultancy to develop a Strategic Plan and Advocacy Strategy for KCCWG 30th November 2020, midnight EAT Project Title: Strengthening KCCWG's Institutional systems towards effective Climate change Advocacy at all levels. The USAID funded project seeks to enhance the Capacity of KCCWG to effectively support Kenyan CSOs to participate meaningfully in the National and International climate change policy engagements while influencing development of climate change sensitive policies at National and County levels. Read More